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Seamster Park Playground

Seamster Park Playground
The East Hampton Parks and Recreation Department is looking for your feedback on the two proposed playground projects. Please take the time to review both options and feel free to comment via email or phone with your view points. Please note, these are not actual designs for the future playground but will give you a good idea of the type of designs each company provides. The design will come later in the process.
Play By Design
http://pbdplaygrounds.com/ check out the website for more details
*email or call the office to inquire about budgeting information

                                                Landscape Structures (O'Brien & Sons)
check out the website for more details
                                                    * email or call the office for budgeting cost and information

For further information please inquire within by calling the Parks and Recreation department about specific details pertaining to each project. They do offer different characteristics such as, Play By Designs is a community build whereas Landscape Structures would be built by the company, therefore the budgets do vary for both builds. Each proposal would be about 14,000 sqft which is what the existing space currently provides. The final design will come when we as a board decide on which build to go with. Please feel free to reach out with your comments.
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